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    So here is the deal. I’m not much of a writer… as a matter of fact I’m not much of a speller either-and that my friends, guarantees some funny moments here. I love cheese, my family, laughing, theatre, photography, art, and my friends. More or less in that order. No lie though, if someone took my cheese, I’d cut a bitch.

    Here is what you can expect from my blog…everything that is me: funny stories, theatre experiences, sweet photo shoots, videos, stupid things I may have said (or will say for that matter), interesting articles (I don’t read much so don't expect much of these), things that frustrate me, and of course, poems about cheese. Tank you for stopping by!

The One With Jen and Jim Taibi // Wedding

My Sophomore year of High School I sang a solo at our schools annual solo concert. It was actually the first time I ever performed in public…. ugh, I wish I had it on tape. I sang “Over the Rainbow,” from the The Wizard of Oz [surprise surprise, right?!]. If I am not mistaken, Jen sang Etta James’ “At Last.” The moment I heard her sing, I. was. obsessed[still am]. She is literally incredible. She soon approached me and we immediately became close friends. [Eventually we started dating.... But that's a whoooole other story.] Over the years I have moved 4 times. Nothing has stopped us from remaining close friends.

From the moment her and Jim were together I knew there was something special about him. Seeing them together…  just makes sense. This week I went to Hawaii to shoot their wedding. On Tuesday February 12th 2013 with tears in their eyes, in front of 15 of their closest family and friends on a beach in Maui they promised to spend the rest of their lives together. Oh and to make matters more exciting, Jen and Jim are expecting a little girl here in the next few months! EEE!


The One With Aaijai Montgomery // Lifestyle

I was sitting in bed last night thinking to myself that its been a while since I shot a guy. I was actually wondering, could I do it? I texted my friend Aaijai (pronounced AJ) and asked if he was free to shoot this morning. After I took a shower, went to the bank, returned my redbox DVDs [which I had for over 5 days, 3 dvds, none of which I watched], and ran my final rent check into cal tech I headed to downtown LA. I have lived in pasadena for almost 3 years… I am SO disappointed in myself. I wish I would have used the city more. Obsessed. Here is Aaijai’s (AJ) lifestyle session. OH! You should also know, I did not photoshop one of these images. Dude has perfect skin. Hate’em.

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The One With My Roommate // Lifestyle

I have never ever been more excited to share a photo shoot. Meet my roommate, Caity Anderson. Honestly, this is one of my favorite sessions I have ever shot. I cant tell if its cause of the images, or the person. But I adore this girl. Quite literally one of my favorite people on the face of the planet. Enjoy out photoshoot, we were in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in LA. But I loved the trees! haha


I love the movement in these photos! I made this girl run around in circles for 15 minutes, in heals. Just the best.

I mean, stunning right? Right?!

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The One With Colleen Ballinger… Again // Lifestyle

I did a lifestyle session for the insanely talented Colleen Ballinger this past week. As I edit these images I cant up but hum Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop.” Special thanks to my roommate Caity for letting us borrow her jacket.;)Click play as you check out the photos! Enjoy!


The man in this image dropped a crowbar down the road then BOLTED our way… of course I told Colleen to stay put. I wanted this shot!! Priorities people, Priorities.

Special thanks to Rachel, Colleen’s little sis for being BOMB.

Literally stunning.

SO random, but this might be one of my favorite images ever. If only you could smell how disgusting the walls were under this specific underpass in downtown LA. oy. 

For those of you who don’t know Colleen is the creator of the youtube sensation Miranda Sings. She performs to sold out concerts all over the world… literally all over the world. Be sure to check out her youtube channel and website