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ok, so here is the deal. i’m not much of a writer… as a matter of fact i’m not much of a speller either-and that my friends, guarantees some funny moments here. i love cheese, my boyfriend jeff, my family, laughing, theater, photography, art, and my friends. more or less in that order. no lie though, if someone took my cheese, i’d cut a bitch.

i grew up all over the place. from what i can recall, my family has moved 13 times (possibly more) in my lifetime. it’s like that movie ‘chocolat,’ when carrie-anne moss felt the wind a-blowin’ she knew it was time to put on that cute red ridding hood cape and move…. except with my family, the cute red ridding hood cape was hand-me-downs that barely fit my awkwardly tall body, and the wind was a closing military base. although it did suck being uprooted multiple times at the most inappropriate moments in my life, it really did help make me the man i am today. so there, blah blah blah, silver lining.

two things in my life that i am EXTREMELY passionate about is (so passionate i put extremely in caps) photography and theater. it’s hard enough for some people to find one thing to be passionate about, and i have two. as yoda would say, ‘very lucky i am.’

here is what you can expect from my blog…everything that is me: funny stories, theater experiences, sweet photo shoots, videos, stupid things i may have said (or will say for that matter), interesting articles (i don’t read much so done expect much of these), things that frustrate me, poems about cheese, and the occasional visit from jeff! so here you will get to know me. jeff just said, “have fun with that!”   

April 2, 2011 - 11:56 pm

Gina Meola - I lo, lo, looooooooooooove you!

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