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the one with the poet

i can’t believe i haven’t blogged this yet. it’s probably the greatest experience of my life (well, not really, but it was still pretty cool). jeff and i went to san francisco about a month ago…. i know, i know…that will soon be blogged as well. so, on the list of things for jeff to show me was the height-ashbury district. oh my lord…haight is amaaaaazing. i loved every moment in that neighborhood.

as we drove thru haight a sign caught my eye. it had bright yellow and red block letters and was accompanied by a man who seemed wise beyond his years. the sign read, “pick a subject & a price get a poem”… what does that mean?! you see, i’m not the brightest crayon in the box. you would think that sign was pretty straight forward, right? we were in haight for about two hours, and i kept saying “can we please see the poem guy?” jeff had no idea what i was talking about.

but FINALLY we found him, and i asked him “so what are you about?” (seeing as though i didn’t know what the sign meant, i thought that was a good way to hide my ignorance) and he just looked at me. haha. in my head i was thinking ,“holy crap this guy thinks i’m a dumbs” just when he opened his mouth and said “i write poems!” sweet jesus. this man was so freaking cool. his name was lynn gentry. how cool is that name?!

so we talked for a bit. i learned he is in a band, writes music, and just has people give him money (however much they feel inclined to give), pick a subject, and thenhe wips out a poem for them… right there on the street corner…with his little vintage typewriter!! YES. a vintage typewriter! i gave him 10 bucks and asked him to write about happiness. not going to lie, i don’t really understand the poem… but it was still such a cool experience! ok, i have blabbed on for far too long.


meet lynn.

i love love love this picture. jeff took it. occasionally one of us will take a shot and the other gets jealous cause its so delicious. this is one of those cases. ha.


just in case you’re wondering where you can find this man… here is his address.




and here is the poem…. that i don’t completely understand.


May 3, 2011 - 4:28 am

Marcus - Again, unreal, beautiful, … did someone just get a number one fan? … I think yes :)

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