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The One with “Peter Pan”

I was sitting at home working in the office while Jeff was taking a nap, I received an email asking if I was available to shoot “Peter Pan” at The La Mirada Theatre of Performing Arts for McCoy Rigby Entertainment…. I paused and thought, is this a joke? Wait. “Peter Pan” as in, Cathy Rigby IS “Peter Pan?!” Holy Crap. I was obsessed with the “Peter Pan” movie since I was a kid. I would well up every time she would fly through the air and shout in her little British accent, ”THIS WAY TO NEVERLAAAAAAAAND!!!”  [I can hear it now.] Holy crap. I’m going to shoot Cathy Rigby. AND the insanely talented Brent Barrett as Captain Hook/Mr. Darling. I ran into the room and jumped on [sleeping] Jeff. I dragged him into the living room and played “I’m Flying” from the movie starring non other than Cathy Rigby. I said “We’re shooting this next week.” His jaw dropped. For those who don’t know, my boyfriend is a photographer, and the only exposure to Theatre he has ever gotten has been though me! This production would be his first “Peter Pan!” I went to watch a rehearsal to make sure I could indeed get her soaring through the air in focus. The first time I saw her soar through the air my jaw dropped, as well as my camera. haha Luckily, I got it out of my system and the following night went oh so smoothly. Here are my favorite photos from the evening.


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