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    So here is the deal. I’m not much of a writer… as a matter of fact I’m not much of a speller either-and that my friends, guarantees some funny moments here. I love cheese, my family, laughing, theatre, photography, art, and my friends. More or less in that order. No lie though, if someone took my cheese, I’d cut a bitch.

    Here is what you can expect from my blog…everything that is me: funny stories, theatre experiences, sweet photo shoots, videos, stupid things I may have said (or will say for that matter), interesting articles (I don’t read much so don't expect much of these), things that frustrate me, and of course, poems about cheese. Tank you for stopping by!

The One With Riverside Park // Me Time

I had a very early morning today. Up by 630, at Starbucks enjoying my cup of iced coffee by 7. I sat in my favorite spot, replied to emails, and waited to watch the sun rise. [This is one of my favorite things to do.] The Starbucks by my apartment is on the corner of 103 and Broadway. You get a fantastic panoramic view of the neighborhood if you sit in the right spot. Simply obsessed. Well, here was the deal: The sun never came out. This usually infuriates people. No no no, not me. I put on The Civil Wars and just stared out the window. I was overwhelmed with the weather, and decided I needed to go for a walk [not without my camera, obvi]. I have never been to Riverside Park on the west side, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

Now, if you follow me on Instagram [theisaacjames] you will find this information to be shocking…however.. one thing that I always feel bad about is not taking enough photos. I am always taking pictures on my phone, I mean, duh. But why do I only pick up my camera for work? Rarely do I shoot for myself. Today I was going to change that. I even told myself that I was going to ask a stranger if I could take a picture of them [whaaaaat?!]. Below are the images from my walk this morning, I am so excited to share them with you. Hope you enjoy!

Lonely tree.

This image is my favorite. It will be a massive canvas in my first apartment in the city.

I. cant. wait.

This little beast was not lost. His owner is out of the frame. So calm down.

As I was walking home, I smelt BBQ. Well. What I thought was BBQ. Obviously, being my mothers son, I had to go investigate. Turns out Citi Bank on 111 and Broadway no longer exists.

Took the subway home. Yes, one stop. I’m ok with that.

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The One With Trevor And Nyna // Lifestyle

Last week I looked outside and saw the weather and thought that I needed to shoot something (with my camera, obvi). I grabbed my roommates Nyna and Trevor and we left. They took me to a fort that they built a couple summers ago. Yes a fort. Most of the Black and White photos are taken in the fort. And I loved it.

These two are part of the band “Fort Vine”.  Their music is epic y’all. Be sure to check them out on youtube.

The One With Lisa Livesay // Lifestyle

I am just the most in love with this girl. Meet Lisa Livesay. Probably the most genuinely kinda woman I know. Not to mention insanely talented, and quite the looker. Calm down gentleman, she’s married.




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The One With Melodie and Paul // Wedding

I have been very fortunate to have 4 woman in my life that are like family to me, sisters if you will. Within the span of a year they have all been married off  have begun their journey of starting a family. The last one of these ladies to tie the knot was Melodie Slaughter. On September 13 2013 I had the honor of capturing Melodie Slaughter and Paul Erdman’s Indiana wedding.

The following was written by Melodie about where it all began:

“We met on a cruise ship. Both of us were entertainers for Holland America Line, sailing the seven seas on the ms Rotterdam in search of adventure in foreign lands. All while making new friends and chasing our dreams! I distinctly remember the first time I saw Paul. It was embarkation day, which always meant the old crew members would crowd the gangway eagerly trying to sneak a glimpse at the the newbies coming on board. My gal pal Jo and I were walking down the main hall way when a very tall, broad shouldered, dark brown haired guy was walking our direction. His head was down, but as the three of us drew. Loser he lifted his face to us revealing the sweetest eyes and kindest smile I hadn’t seen on ships before. We exchanged nervous but cordial hellos. Once we passed earshot I recall saying to Jo, “Who is that?!”

Time passed and we became friends. I used lame excuses of wanting him to teach me how to play guitar just so I could spend time with him. He became my hug buddy. Paul gives the best hugs. Our friendship seamlessly blossomed into a relationship that both of us didn’t want to lose. After 8 months of grueling separation due to ship contracts we were reunited and everything was right in the world we created for ourselves.

We agree that for each of us there was no one moment when we knew the other was it for us. It was a culmination of moments, epiphanies, and explosive connections ranging from having the same favorite movie to what we wanted to leave behind to our posterity once we left this world. We are from two very different backgrounds, but instead of it being a hindrance to our relationship it’s quite the opposite! The differences between us broaden us individually, creating two well rounded open minded individuals committed to understanding, accepting and appreciating the other whole-heartedly.

When it came to our wedding Paul and I completely agreed that we were only doing this once. There wasn’t going to be “if I could do it again…” One chance to see his warm and excited smile at the alter. One chance to kiss him as my husband for the first time. Blessedly, we had a fantastic celebration, surrounded by our closest friends and loved ones. I don’t think anyone could have, or ever will, doubt our love and loyalty to one another.”

The wedding was held at Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn in Berrien Springs, MI. With less than 50 people in attendance, this wedding was one of the most special and intimate weddings I have ever had the privilege of capturing.

Melodie found this dress at an antique shop somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Her Mother-in-Law, Diane Erdman, who is an incredible seamstress and reconstructed the entire top portion of the dress to make it exactly what Melodie envisioned. I mean – stunning, right?

Just the most stunning J.Crew necklace, and of course some Miss Dior Perfume. 

The stunning floral arrangements were done by The Flower Cart . I mean, stunning.. right?! 

Literally some of the most amazing cup cakes in the world. Classic Catering & Events did an amazing job with the food and desserts.

I love this last minute portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Erdman

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The One With Aaijay Montgomery // Lifestyle

I love shooting Aaijai Montgomery, it’s always the perfect collaboration.
It doesn’t help that we get along like two school girls at an N’sync concert. We got together at 9 in the morning at his place in Glendale, California. We had a goal in mind, and no idea where to shoot! So we went for a little drive through Eagle Rock. All the locations we found were all within a couple miles of his place. So much fun. Enjoy!

Aaijai has been working his butt off in the gym. In the past year he has gained 15 pounds of muscle. He wanted his progress documented, so we took the following pictures. I am obsessed. 

Finally at the end of our session we snapped some headshots, here are my favorite shots!


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