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    So here is the deal. I’m not much of a writer… as a matter of fact I’m not much of a speller either-and that my friends, guarantees some funny moments here. I love cheese, my family, laughing, theatre, photography, art, and my friends. More or less in that order. No lie though, if someone took my cheese, I’d cut a bitch.

    Here is what you can expect from my blog…everything that is me: funny stories, theatre experiences, sweet photo shoots, videos, stupid things I may have said (or will say for that matter), interesting articles (I don’t read much so don't expect much of these), things that frustrate me, and of course, poems about cheese. Tank you for stopping by!

The One With Sarah Elizabeth Combs // Lifestyle

You guys. This shoot. I can’t handle it.

Meet Sarah Elizabeth Combs, fresh off the national tour of “I Love Lucy: Live!” I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Sarah for many years, and this is the 3rd time I have had the amazing opportunity to photograph her. Every time I shoot her I am blown away by how stunning and comfortable she is in front of the camera.

Our main goal for the shoot was to capture organic images that exuded strength, maturity, and confidence. I’m so excited with the variety of images we were able to create, all in one short afternoon in Laguna Beach.

We started the session off by shooting some updated and much-needed headshots.


Sarah is starting to get into jazz and lounge singing. She requested we take some portraits worthy of being plastered on a poster:
I think we managed to achieve that.

It pains me to admit this, but this next setup almost didn’t happen. We had three other looks to shoot. Sarah had to get her hair redone. We had to move all the patio furniture. But we decided to squeeze this into our packed schedule, and I am so happy we did. Let this be a lesson: follow your instincts. The dress, Kate Spade. The necklace, Kate Spade. I was so pleased with all the details of this shoot, I felt like a fat kid in a candy shop.

The following images are just plain sexy. Get ready.

The day before Sarah’s shoot, I ran to The Theatre Company to grab some great wardrobe pieces to align with our goals. I remember seeing this vintage gown [years ago when I worked there] hanging on a rack and thinking to myself, “There is no way anyone could fit into this.” [Which is heartbreaking cause its the most stunning dress in the whole world.] But I grabbed it, just in case. Of course, it fit Sarah like a glove.

Hair and Makeup: Lizette Perez

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New York City: May 2-July 5
Los Angeles: July 9-17

The One With Riverside Park // Me Time

I had a very early morning today. Up by 630, at Starbucks enjoying my cup of iced coffee by 7. I sat in my favorite spot, replied to emails, and waited to watch the sun rise. [This is one of my favorite things to do.] The Starbucks by my apartment is on the corner of 103 and Broadway. You get a fantastic panoramic view of the neighborhood if you sit in the right spot. Simply obsessed. Well, here was the deal: The sun never came out. This usually infuriates people. No no no, not me. I put on The Civil Wars and just stared out the window. I was overwhelmed with the weather, and decided I needed to go for a walk [not without my camera, obvi]. I have never been to Riverside Park on the west side, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

Now, if you follow me on Instagram [theisaacjames] you will find this information to be shocking…however.. one thing that I always feel bad about is not taking enough photos. I am always taking pictures on my phone, I mean, duh. But why do I only pick up my camera for work? Rarely do I shoot for myself. Today I was going to change that. I even told myself that I was going to ask a stranger if I could take a picture of them [whaaaaat?!]. Below are the images from my walk this morning, I am so excited to share them with you. Hope you enjoy!

Lonely tree.

This image is my favorite. It will be a massive canvas in my first apartment in the city.

I. cant. wait.

This little beast was not lost. His owner is out of the frame. So calm down.

As I was walking home, I smelt BBQ. Well. What I thought was BBQ. Obviously, being my mothers son, I had to go investigate. Turns out Citi Bank on 111 and Broadway no longer exists.

Took the subway home. Yes, one stop. I’m ok with that.

Thanks for clicking!

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The One With Trevor And Nyna // Lifestyle

Last week I looked outside and saw the weather and thought that I needed to shoot something (with my camera, obvi). I grabbed my roommates Nyna and Trevor and we left. They took me to a fort that they built a couple summers ago. Yes a fort. Most of the Black and White photos are taken in the fort. And I loved it.

These two are part of the band “Fort Vine”.  Their music is epic y’all. Be sure to check them out on youtube.

The One With Lisa Livesay // Lifestyle

I am just the most in love with this girl. Meet Lisa Livesay. Probably the most genuinely kinda woman I know. Not to mention insanely talented, and quite the looker. Calm down gentleman, she’s married.




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